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Successful real estate marketing is about reaching a maximum potential client base with minimum expenditure. Here at Real Estate Exhibitions we have the solution.

Real Estate Exhibitions is dedicated to advertising the finest in international real estate on a truly global scale. We belong to the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII), the world’s largest international property listings service. Our integration in this vast network of real estate portals means that any property listed with us is listed on every portal belonging to the IREA-AII. That is a total of 1122 real estate portals worldwide, and 250 000 visitors every day.

IREA-AII portals consistently lead search results in major search engines, so your properties will have more exposure than ever before. Your one-off listing fee guarantees you these top spots for a whole year, and there are no additional costs.

International homes for sale

International homes for sale

Exhibit your properties to the world with Real Estate Exhibitions and the IREA-AII.

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